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Bio: Alex Marthews
Alex Marthews is the Research Coordinator intern facilitating the Online Service Provider Assessment project at the Online Policy Group.

Alex grew up in Oxford, England, and went to St. Johnís College, Cambridge, where he studied English literature. He graduated in 1999 with a first-class degree (99th percentile). He is now a second year graduate student in public policy at the University of California, Berkeley, and is due to graduate in May 2001.

He became interested in problems of government and human rights while studying in Cambridge, through involvement in student politics and summers working for the British Civil Service. However, the UK has few graduate public policy courses, none of them prestigious; the best way to understand more of the subject was to come to America.

Alex has received substantial training in quantitative methods, decision theory and statistical analysis. He also has considerable professional experience in the fields of online civil rights and equality for gays and lesbians. He co-authored reports analyzing the costs of the US ďDonít Ask, Donít TellĒ policy and the admission of gays and lesbians to the British military, for the Center for the Study of Sexual Minorities in the Military at the University of California Santa Barbara. He has also worked for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, examining the economic harm caused to the DVD industry through Internet DVD filesharing, and studying methods of governmental surveillance on the Internet.

He lives with his fiancee in Palo Alto, California; he is a keen actor, skiier and dancer.

You can send email to Alex Marthews at marthews@excite.com.

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