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Online Policy Group Expense Approval Form (EAF)
Before you make any expenditure, you must submit and obtain approval on this Expense Approval Form (EAF) by web or email as soon as you anticipate any such expense, so that the expense may be forecast and tracked as part of the OPG budget.

Purchaser Information

First Name: Family Name:

Email: (where you will receive copy of this EAF)

Tel (main): Tel (other):

Street Address:

City: State/Province:
Postal/Zip Code: Country:

Vendor Information

Vendor (example "U.S. Post Office")

Tel (main): Tel (other):

Street Address:

City: State/Province:
Postal/Zip Code: Country:

Expense Information

Expense Purpose (example "Postage for fundraising mailing")

Date (projected or preferably actual date)

Expense Amount (in US dollars) $

Project Designation
Online Policy Group
California Community Colocation Project

Payment Method
Your cash
Your check
Your credit card
OPG check
OPG credit card
OPG bank transfer

You want reimbursement.
You want no reimbursement, just a donation receipt.
You want neither reimbursement nor a donation receipt.

Enter any additional comments or questions below.

You certify that all the information you are submitting on this Expense Approval Form is correct to the best of your knowledge.

Click here to submit the form (click only once!):

Thanks for your cooperation!

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