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Issue: Online Commercialism
Online commercialism focuses on e-commerce and online marketing in relation to broader social, political and cultural aims.

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Four Companies Control Half of Internet Usage
According to a new report released by research firm Jupiter Media Metrix, AOL Time Warner, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Napster collectively control half of all the usage on the Internet, InfoBeat, June 9, 2001

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PlanetOut and Gay.com to Merge
The Internet's two biggest GLBT players are coming together in a marriage that executives say will please investors and consumers, PlanetOut Partners, PlanetOut, and Gay.com releases plus AP, Reuters, PlanetOut, Bay Area Reporter, Salon.com, and Philadelphia Gay News reports, November 15 - December 28, 2000.

Amazon.com logo
Unions Pushing to Organize Thousands of Amazon.com Workers
The labor movement has begun a broad campaign to unionize thousands of workers at Amazon.com, New York Times (may require free registration to view), November 23, 2000.

Free School Computers Withdrawn
ZapMe's model of free computers for schools may fail due to commercial intrusion into schools, New York Times (may require free registration to view), November 2, 2000.

Web of Controversy Surrounds AOL Donation
Media analysis by source of controversy over America Online Cases' donation to anti-gay ministry, Bay Area Reporter, October 26, 2000.

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Google Falls for Yahoo!
Evidence that the Google search engine partnership with Yahoo! may compromise its ability to index the Internet fairly, Hardin MD Notes, September 12, 2000. Technical details about Google...

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PlanetOut Expands Its Universe
Article about PlanetOut's acquisition of the Advocate and the XY situation, San Francisco Chronicle, September 7, 2000.

PlanetOut Censors XY Web Site
Controversy erupts over the motivations and methods of PlanetOut's blocking of XY magazine web site resulting in termination of licensing agreement, Bay Area Reporter, July 27, 2000.

Scary Love
XY magazine manifesto regarding motivations of advertisers who refuse to advertise in the magazine, at one point blocked by xy.com site owner PlanetOut.

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