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Donor and Volunteer Recognition
There is no way that the Online Policy Group could fulfill its important mission of research, outreach, and action on issues such as access, privacy, and digital defamation, without the donations of funds, equipment, goods, services, and volunteer time made by many motivated contributors.

The Online Policy Group understands the importance of recognizing donor and volunteer contributions and a number of donor and volunteer recognition programs compliant with IRS requirements are under development.

Brady Klein & Weissman, LLP
Thanks for legal services permitting incorporation of the Online Policy Group.

Da Mystik Homeboy
Thanks for coding the programs that handle the host requesting, intern, and volunteer forms.

David Donnell of Full Moon Graphix
Thanks for graphic design assistance with animated banners opposing Internet blocking in schools and libraries.

Sancho Villa
Thanks for graphic design assistance with the Online Policy Group logo.

Online Policy Group Board and Committee Members
Thanks for ongoing volunteer efforts on behalf of the organization... follow the link to see a list of who's doing what on the various boards and committees.

You can also find out more information about donating funds, goods, or services to the Online Policy Group and volunteering or interning at the Online Policy Group.

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