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Online policy research, outreach, and action on issues such as access, privacy, and digital defamation.
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Letter to Intern Program Coordinators
Dear Internship Program Coordinator:

The Online Policy Group (OPG), a new non-profit organization based in San Francisco and dedicated to online policy research, outreach, and action on issues such as access, privacy, and digital defamation, is currently accepting internship applications for the Fall and Spring 2000/2001 terms. We are asking for your help in recommending qualified students to apply for intern positions at the OPG.

With connections to industry, academia, the media, and other non-profit organizations, the OPG offers both undergraduate and graduate students a dynamic and rewarding internship opportunity. Interns accepted as part of the OPG internship program will work closely with the Executive Director on various applied Internet research projects. Examples of current research activity at OPG includes testing web content rating systems, testing various filtering systems and other pressing new-technology projects.

Although OPG internships are unpaid, college credit can be arranged. Most importantly, OPG internships are extremely flexible, providing students with an opportunity to work on all aspects of a growing, exciting and socially responsible new non-profit organization. Unlike internships that often involve more filing and wasted time than actual research and hands-on experience, the OPG allows students, through consultation with the Executive Director, to design a personalized internship program that best meets their academic, social and professional aims. Besides research positions, the OPG also provides opportunities for students to gain experience with grant-writing, fund-raising, web design and technical support. Additional information, a list of current open positions and an online application can be found on the OPG web site at http://www.onlinepolicy.org.

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