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Issue: Online Access: Search Engines
One of the key means for accessing sites on the web is the use of search engines and web directories that make it possible to publicize and to search for web sites. Noteworthy or controversial information related to access to search engines and directories appears in the Additional Resources section below.

For information on commercialization of search engines,see the Online Commercialism section.

Additional Resources

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Online Policy Group Web Site Listed in Major Search Engines
This story of how the Online Policy Group web site obtained access to the web search engines and directories includes some commentary on how to obtain access and why access may be restricted, April 14, 2001

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Search Engines and Web Directories That Block
A list of search engines and web directories that provide blocking options, Online Policy Group, October 6, 2000

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Google Falls for Yahoo!
Evidence that the Google search engine partnership with Yahoo! may compromise its ability to index the Internet fairly, Hardin MD Notes, September 12, 2000. Technical details about Google...

Search Engines and Web Directories List
An excellent annotated list of search engines and web directories from SearchEngineWatch.

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